Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are Gadgets Good Or Bad?

I wouldn't advocate cogitating on what my fellow psycho geeks will say when they read what I've got to say about technology, but I think its important to say it anyway.

It turns out that there are common patterns that underlie Technology. What happens when Technology does not serve society anymore? Yes, technology lets you run away from it all but is it a productive way of living?

I am often reminded of all the gadgets we purchase, if useful, they can make us more productive, but often they are just pieces of junk filling our cupboards, like the dozens of kitchen gadgets that I'll never use. In theory, cool technology would have contributed to our standard of living, if done in moderation, but we don't do moderation do we? As most likely happens, we often get bogged down in technology that it has become a detriment in many cases. Take for instance, email. Most of us can't live without it, but consider how much easier it would be if at your place of work you would forgo email for a face to face chat with your co-worker. The point is that I'm passionate about really cool stuff, but when Technology takes up all our time, then it's time to reconsider its place in our society.

As I have said before, Technology means more than a lot to me, its my life, but it is also my curse. I'm like a lot of you, if a gadget exists, I've probably have given it a try. And I really do love technology, for the wide variety of uses that help create a whole new way of understanding things. But I wanted to look deeper into Technology, into the social ramifications of this cursed enchanting junk. There are many factors involved with cool things that need to be digested thoroughly. Let's face it, Technology can still cost you many hours of lost productivity if used incorrectly. As I've mentioned, email is a great example of this.

I do want to partially defend the essence of technology, because it is important to modern society. But if you spend all your time with cool downloads instead of working or talking with your co-workers, it isn't at all to your benefit. I think you'll find this great advice to think about for your Technology.

Lastly, I think that Technology is a forgotten path to increase the power of productivity. Will it eventually control us is still to be seen.

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