Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What Cool Stuff Are You Getting This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and many of you last minute shoppers are putting your game face on and heading out to graze. Whether you're looking for the latest cell-phone technology or LCD flat screen TV you've always dreamed of, there is someone out there hoping to sell it to you. There are many Cool Technology stores out there but only a few of them are worth visiting. If you are like most people out there, technology is on your shopping list. However, there are gadgets & gizmos businesses closing every day due to lower demand for technology, is society finally getting sick of it? or are we just choosing different places to purchase from, like online shopping?

Digressing, I am sometimes inclined to think about Cool Technology as a lifeline. It may sound odd but I have found that electronic technology is by far the easiest thing for most people digest if it is a necessity for life. Awesome technology increase its effectiveness considerably when it is part of your job. You could do this with it but it would take forever. With Cool Technology, the efforts will benefit both sides. From my own personal experience and experiments I have seen many a Cool Technological toys and equipment. With more companies getting into the tech gadgets business, the demand for unusual technology has never been higher, but sometimes I feel that we as a society are merely catering to gadgets and gizmos.

That said, Cool Technology is particularly important to me. I love Spy gadgets, which in my opinion blows any other Cool Technology out of the water, but there aren't many of us who think this about Cool Technology. That is, if you know what you're doing it can be the most fun and doesn't always have to be hi-tech.

So, let's check into the Cool Technology hotel and check out this fascinating lo-tech gadget called brief safe. “Brief Safe” is designed for the traveler, with the hope of deterring the cleaning ladies and gents from running away with your valuable stuff. They are very realistic and as nasty looking as can be, noticed the streak of fake dung. “Brief Safe” comes with “fly-accessed 4″ x 10″ secret compartment with Velcro closure” and unless the cleaning lady or gent has a nasty fetish, then your money will stay safe, and I think its one of those great gift ideas for those hard to please people.

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