Sunday, January 25, 2009

cool your laptoop

For those of you who keep your laptop on all the time, it's important to keep it cool. Unlike Desktops, Laptops have all of the components squeezed into a very tight space and it get very very hot. If you're laptop overheats, you may find your laptop shutting down on you, causing you to lose all of your unsaved data. This is not good, especially if your boss is expecting your work in the morning and you are now hours behind.

The first rule of thumb in keeping your laptop cool is to keep it off a blank or any other material that stores heat or that can block the vents. I can't stress enough at how important a simple thing like this can be. Your Laptop hardware will not work correctly after a certain temperature and your computer's cpu needs to run under a certain temperature to avoid data errors and computer failures.

The best option, for those of you who really need to work on your beds, is to purchase a laptop cooler. A laptop cooler is, in essence, a laptop stand with fans that will help cool the laptop. They are very inexpensive, I've seen them as low as $20.00 but they will help preserve the life-span of your laptop and more importantly, help prevent hardware failures and unexpected freeze ups and shut-downs.

The choice is yours, I mean, if your data means nothing to you then keep doing what you're doing, otherwise, get a laptop cooler and safe yourself the added stress when your boss gives you a one way ticket out the back door.

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Alex said...

Excellent post,

Laptop is a personal computer designed for mobile use wherein the user can easily carry them handy and hence the components are crowded which has their own merits and demerits. They are very economical in power consumption but still they tend to get warm while carrying out certain activities. If a laptop is used in regular intervals or daily and has no problems this is an absolute perfect scenario but usually the problems which a user faces are very common like slow performance, getting scrambled or crashing down.

Laptop Cooler is an attachment that helps to reduce operating temperature when the existing fan device of the laptop is insufficient in reducing the heat. They are usually helpful to reduce the heat which comes from the bottom of the device.